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Worship Gatherings

Sunday 10:30am
Pastors Jason and Kristen Dockeray

About Niagara Orchard Community Church:

Niagara Orchard Community Church or as we call it NOCC strives to be a place where people can encounter Jesus, find support and be encouraged into mission.  Our Mission is simple at NOCC, Love God Love People.  This is expressed through our integrated approach with our Community and Family Services, our worship style, our youth programs and our adult programs.  Everything at NOCC boils down to our deep love for God and our love for his creation.

Our Mission: Love God Love People

We believe at NOCC it is essential that as a community of Christians we live out our faith.   As a result, in connection with our community and family services office, NOCC offers a lot of programs and services to geared to individuals and families in our community with the most need. Our programs include; a food bank, mobile outreach ministries, Christmas help, housing help and various other programs. In addition to the mission based programs we offer, our congregation is encouraged to live a life of mission in their communities and homes.  In this, our congregation members are actively involved in community advocacy, working with the marginalized and developing relationships outside of our regularly scheduled “Church programs.”

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